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About Kudona

What is Kudona?

Kudona offers technological access to platforms that can generate interest on your digital assets, stablecoins, high above the traditional finance market. You can simply transfer any amount from your bank account, and we provide the technological services that take care of the rest. Of course, you can withdraw your money at any time.

Is Kudona a bank?

Kudona is not a bank. Kudona is a technology company authorised as a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operator in accordance with Lithuanian law. We provide you with access to decentralised finance ("DeFi") platforms on which your digital assets can earn interest as offered by these platforms.

Where is Kudona based?

Kudona is a European company located and registered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Kudona is registered as a crypto currency exchange operator and crypto currency depository wallet operated in Lithuania. Our team of international experts is bringing this solution to you from various locations throughout Europe, such as Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Portugal and others. Kudona is a 100% subsidiary of German company rubarb GmbH based in Hamburg.

How is Kudona different from alternative solutions?

Kudona provides you with technological access to digital assets and decentralised finance ("DeFi") platforms where you can generate higher interest than in the traditional financial markets. The service Kudona provides is as simple as humanly possible and fully automated for you.

Who can use Kudona?

Complying with EU regulations, Kudona will be available to customers who are at least 18 years old and have a permanent residence in Europe. All of our customers and their transactions will undergo constant PEP, Sanctions Lists and AML screenings to ensure the highest possible level of security for everyone.

How can I access Kudona?

The Kudona app will be available from April, with the desktop version following shortly after. Sign up now to our waiting list to be the first to know when Kudona has launched.

Are there any benefits to being on Kudona’s waiting list?

By signing up to our waiting list, you can earn up to 1% extra interest on your savings during the first 3 months. The rate you can generate with your digital assets is automatically increased with your waitlist sign up by 0.5%. It can be further increased by referring up to 5 friends, with a boost of 0.1% per referral. Moreover, you will have exclusive access to pre-launch info and be the first to know when the product is launched. Sign up to our waiting list.

How Kudona works?

How do you generate high interest rates through Kudona?

The short answer is: We provide you with technological access to decentralised finance ("DeFi") platforms, where you can generate higher interest rates. The money you transfer to Kudona is swapped into digital money ("stablecoins") that holds the same value. The stablecoins then generate daily interest for you in the DeFi platforms. In case you want to understand this in more detail, we have written a detailed article about "How it works".

Can I do this myself?

Investing in digital assets is very complex and time-consuming - you need to find a way to purchase digital assets, transfer those into a Web3 wallet, connect that wallet with a DeFi protocol and cover all the associated costs. Also, you need to know which protocols to choose and keep up to date with the changing landscape of digital assets. Alternatively, you just transfer your money to us and get it back with interest whenever you need it. Leave the rest to us.

How are my assets secured?

Kudona is equipped with a top-quality security infrastructure designed to always ensure maximum protection of your assets. In the world of digital assets we are cooperating with Fireblocks, the leading provider in the world in terms of wallet technology and security. Together with all our carefully selected partners we cover all relevant insurances and deploy military-grade encryption to make sure your money is safe at every instance of the way. Additionally, we use insurances to protect your digital assets against de-pegging of the value from the fiat money value. Lastly, we use insurances against technical failures of decentralised finance platforms.

How is interest generated?

Interest on decentralised finance platforms is generated in real-time and we update your balance in the app regularly.

How do I withdraw?

You can withdraw at any time using the withdrawal button. There are no lock-up periods, so you will have your money back in your bank account one or two banking days later.

How much are the fees for using Kudona?

Kudona is completely free to use and there are no hidden fees. In order to cover our costs and build a sustainable business we keep any additional interest beyond 3.8% annual interest generated in the digital asset world.

Are my Kudona earnings taxable? What do I put on my tax declaration?

Kudona earnings are subject to taxation in the respective country of residency. For further information please consult with your tax advisor.