About Kudona

Our mission is to bring interest rates back using the power of digital assets

For decades, banks in Europe have offered near-zero interest on savings, resulting in people losing money and their chance to grow wealth.

At the same time, navigating the world of digital assets is a complex and time-consuming process, which only very few people understand and benefit from.

We don't think this is fair. That's why we built Kudona, a product that gives people easy access to the world of digital assets and decentralised finance - and with it, the chance to earn significant interest rates once again.

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We have over 150 years of combined experience in delivering great products

Our team has a wealth of experience both within and outside the financial sector, having worked for some of the most prestigious and well respected institutions across the globe.

We have offices in Hamburg (Germany) and Vilnius (Lithuania), with colleagues working from other locations throughout Germany, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom.

Fabian Scholz

CEO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur with background in law and business. Fabian successfully scaled and exited companies in the e-commerce and consulting industry.

Jakob Scholz

CPO & Co-Founder

Economist with background in Investment Banking. Jakob worked for the world's largest financial institutions and built digital investment products for them.

Kelvin Craig

CTO & Co-Founder

Technology veteran with background in safety critical infrastructure. Kelvin has 25+ years of experience working on highly-scalable and complex technical systems.

Fredrik Saadawi

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Design and UX leader with 15 years experience helping large international brands build customer-centric solutions.

Thomas Neuschäfer

VP Customer Service

Customer Service expert with 30+ years of experience. Thomas built out the customer service for some of Europe's largest start-ups.

Mareike Van Wijk

VP Talent & Human Resources

Experienced HR leader with background in scaling pan-European FinTechs. Mareike has successfully built out teams for start-ups from tens to hundreds of employees.

Michael Lerch

VP Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Licensed attorney with master of law and background in financial services, regulation and governance. Michael worked for 20+ years in several management functions for a large German bank.

Marco Meyer

VP Marketing

Experienced Marketing leader with background in data-driven performance and brand marketing. Marco successfully managed profitable marketing campaigns globally on a large scale.

Built together with some of the world's largest institutions in digital assets

We're at the forefront of regulatory compliance

Far too many companies in the world of digital assets fail to comply with European regulations. We don't think that's good enough. We want to set the standard. That's why we are on a journey to receive all relevant registrations & licences in Europe, so that we can bring Kudona to all Europeans.


Financial Crime Investigation Service

Registration as Virtual Currency Exchange Operator and Depository Virtual Currency Wallet Operator


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